Reserved Lane (Bicycle Lane)

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Reserved lanes – bicycle lanes

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Bicycle lanes are road markings near the edge of the roadway with bicycle-shaped stencils as well as street signage.

Vehicles are not allowed to drive in the bicycle lanes, except to turn, or enter or exit a parking spot. The bicycle lane line is often broken near corners to indicate that other road users are permitted to enter the bicycle lane to turn.

Be very careful and watch for cyclists when entering the bicycle lane to park your vehicle or to turn.

Dedicated Bike Lane

Bike lanes are reserved for the exclusive use of cyclists.

Shared-Use Lanes

Trubicars Shared use lanes

The road is to be shared between motorists and cyclists. Make sure to keep minimum 1 metre distance from a cyclist.

Bike Box

A bike box allows cyclists to clear the intersection ahead of vehicles and makes cyclists more visible to motorists.

Motorists stop at an advanced stop line located prior to the bike box.

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