Follows or Passes too Closely / Cuts in too Soon

Applicants should never follow other vehicles too closely in traffic. The exact distance depends on a variety of factors, and this factor is often difficult to assess.

The principle of following distance also applies to the distance from other vehicles, parked or moving, as well as pedestrians or bicycles. Cutting too closely in front of other vehicles after passing them is also included in this principle.

A common practice among driver’s license applicants is to drive at a speed below the posted limit and frequently also below the speed of the traffic flow.

When that is the case, the driver should be sure to stay out of the passing lane, as other drivers will then be forced either to slow down or to pass on the right. In addition, drivers should be sure not to straddle two lanes or to stray over the centre line or to drive left of the centre on a road without lane markings.

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