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Other Signs

Trubicars The Slow Moving Vehicle Sign

The “slow-moving vehicle” sign is an orange triangle with a red border. It alerts other drivers that the vehicle ahead will be travelling at 40 km/h or less. When on a road, farm tractors, farm implements/machinery, and vehicles not capable of sustaining speeds over 40 km/h must display the slow moving vehicle sign. Watch for these slow moving vehicles and reduce your speed as necessary.

Trubicars EDR Sign
EDR Sign

EDR signs are used during the unscheduled closure of a provincial highway when OPP detour all traffic off the highway. The EDR markers are located along alternative routes and provide direction to motorists around the closure and back onto the highway.

Trubicars Long Commercial Vehicle
Long Commercial Vehicle (LCV)

This placard indicates a long commercial vehicle, which is a double trailer and can be up to 40 metres in length. It is important to be able to recognize an LCV on the highway, based on rear signage, and anticipate both the extended length and limited speed when preparing to pass one on the highway.

Trubicars Emergency Response Sign
Emergency Response Signs

Some informa­tion signs include a numbering system along the bottom of the sign to assist emergency vehicles and drivers in determining an appropriate route.

Trubicars BIlingual sign
Bilingual Signs

Watch for these signs when driving in designated bilingual areas. Read the messages in the language you understand best. Bilingual messages may be together on the same sign or separate, with an English sign immediately followed by a French sign.