Turns Too Wide – Enters Wrong Lane

When turning at intersections, applicants must try as much as possible to follow the correct path. That way, they will avoid interfering with other traffic. Right turns are relatively simple, and applicants should start by entering the righthand lane as they approach the intersection. Before reaching the first edge of the crosswalk at the intersection, the vehicle should be travelling slowly enough that the applicant can easily stop if necessary to allow pedestrians or cross traffic to pass by safely.

While turning, the vehicle should be as close as possible to the righthand side, both before and after the turn. However, parked vehicles close to the intersection may sometimes make it impossible for drivers to stay close to the right. In this case, the examiner should make allowances for the driver. If a bus has stopped in the right lane to pick up or drop off passengers, it is dangerous and often illegal to pull in front of the bus to turn. Also, swinging out to the left before turning right may confuse drivers into attempting to pass on the right side.

When turning left, the applicant must consider the width of the intersection, including the needs of pedestrians and cross traffic. Yielding to through traffic coming the opposite direction is necessary except at unusually complicated intersections, where the correct procedure is to:  

  1. Approach from a position near and to the right of the centre line
  2. Proceed straight out into the intersection to a point where the front of the vehicle is about 4.5 metres (15 feet) from the middle of the intersection
  3. Turn the steering wheel to the left

Using this method, the applicant should be able to complete a safe turn near and to the right of the centre line of the street that the driver is entering. After straightening the vehicle out, the driver should check the mirror, perform a shoulder check, signal and move as far as possible to the right if the lane is free of traffic and parked cars.

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