Stopping Position: Too Soon or Blocks Crosswalk / Intersection

Crosswalks should be kept clear and available for pedestrians to use. The Highway Traffic Act mandates the proper stopping positions in situations where traffic lights and stop signs are present, as explained in the Driver’s Handbook. These positions include:

  1. In front of a clearly marked stop line; or
  2. At the edge of a crosswalk; or
  3. The point before entering the through street or highway.

The examiner will take note of any neglect of these requirements.

The examiner will not record a fault if the applicant blocks a crosswalk due to traffic conditions after first stopping correctly and then edging forward cautiously.   

Drivers block intersections for many potential reasons. Sometimes, this happens because of the driver’s lack of competence or foresight, but sometimes it is due to another driver’s mistakes or lack of ability. As always, the examiner will take these kinds of circumstances into consideration while scoring the test.

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