Steering: Method / Control / Recovery

Good steering methods are especially important on turns. Most experts recommend the hand-over-hand method for turning the steering wheel, but any method can work if it is smooth and controlled. Normally, examiners deduct marks when applicants use their palms on the steering wheel or use the wheel spokes for holding or turning the wheel. After the turn, a common method of returning the steering wheel to its original position is to relax the grip on the wheel while letting it slide through the hands to the correct position for going straight ahead. In vehicles without power steering, the applicant must turn the wheel back to its original position to straighten the vehicle out after a turn. If the applicant oversteers from habit and cannot recover smoothly from a turn, this indicates a major error. The examiner will be able to see through multiple attempts and the circumstances of the road if the applicant has a satisfactory level of control over the wheel.

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