Hits: Objects / Other Vehicles or Climbs Curbs

Some of the possible objects that applicants may hit include marker poles in off-street test areas, lamp posts, parking meters, hydro poles, fire hydrants and trees.

Examiners will not note light contact with any object or vehicle unless it occurs more than once, indicating a lack of skill and reasonable care. Hard bumps will be counted. If damage results from the bump, the applicant will be disqualified.

The examiner may consider a driver incompetent if the front and rear wheels of a vehicle mount a normal curb (6-8 inches) on a street and a car completely blocks the sidewalk.

If a wheel goes over the curb in off-street testing area, the test normally ends. If this happens, the examiner will supply wooden wedges to help the driver to free the car from the curb while avoiding damage to the vehicle.

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