Fails to Observe / Uses Mirror Only / and/or Signal Before Leaving

Normally, the applicant should not move the vehicle without first checking traffic conditions to ensure that it is safe. Turning the head is necessary for the applicant to be sure that the intended movement will not conflict with other traffic. Mirrors should be used only to assist with observing the road. The examiner should allow the applicant to decide on the best opportunity to join traffic rather than trying to rush the applicant into heavy traffic.

According to the Highway Traffic Act, drivers are required to signal before any change of direction whenever other traffic is likely to be affected.

Normally, electric turn signals are better than hand signals as both of the driver’s hands will then be free for steering.

One exception to this guideline is for a vehicle preparing to pull out from a line of cars parked by the curb, where the electric signal might not be visible to traffic approaching from the rear. In this case, a clear hand signal gives better information for other drivers than the vehicle’s own signals. The driver should assess traffic conditions to decide when to discontinue the signal.

Drivers should remember that signals merely indicate intention and do not confer any right-of-way. The signaller must not carry out any movement until it is safe to do so.

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