Regulatory Signs

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Regulatory Signs

Drivers must obey all the regulatory signs. There are many regulatory signs you will see on the road. They are square or rectangular shape with a white or black background that includes letters or different shapes.

Trubicars One-way street or highway
One-way street or highway
Trubicars Two-way traffic
Two-way traffic
Trubicars maximum 100
The maximum speed allowed under ideal conditions
Trubicars advanced warning
Advance warning of a lower maximum speed zone ahead
Trubicars maximum 60
The maximum speed allowed in a work zone
Trubicars keep to the right
Keep to the right of traffic islands or obstruction
Trubicars Do not enter
Do not enter
Trubicars passing permitted
Passing Permitted
Trubicars passing not permitted
Passing Not Permitted
Trubicars u turn permitted
U-Turn Permitted
Trubicars no u turn permitted
No U-turn
Trubicars Heavy Trucks Permitted
Heavy trucks should use this roadway
Trubicars No heavy trucks permitted
No heavy trucks are allowed on roadway
dangerous good route
Dangerous goods route
Trubicars Dangerous goods carrier prohibitted
Dangerous goods carriers prohibited
Trubicars trucks inspection
Truck inspection station
Trubicars truck inspection station exit
Truck inspection station exit Arrow indicates which side of road
Trubicars over dimensional route
Over dimensional route
Trubicars maximum 10t
Weight limit of vehicle permitted on highway or bridge expressed in tonnes

Regulatory Parking Signs

Trubicars Parking Allowed
Parking allowed as indicated
Trubicars Do not stop to wait
Do not Stop to Wait
Trubicars parking prohibitted
Parking prohibited as indicated
Trubicars stopping prohibitted
Stopping prohibited as indicated
Trubicars pedestrian cross walk (New)
Pedestrian Crosswalk
Trubicars school crosswalk new
School Crosswalk
Trubicars pedestrian crosswalk
Traffic must stop when lights are flashing and proceed when safe

Regulatory Lane Designation Signs

Trubicars Bus Lane
Bus Lane
Bicycle Lane
Trubicars this lane must turn left
This Lane Must Turn Left
Trubicars this lane left or through
This Lane Left or Through
Trubicars Two Turning lefts
Two Turnings Lane Left
Trubicars Two turning lane right
Two Turnings Lane Right
Trubicars This lane left or right
This Lane Left or Right
Trubicars This lane all movements
This Lane All Movements
Trubicars this lane through only
This Lane Through Only
Trubicars this lane must turn right
This Lane Right Only
Trubicars this lane right or through
This Lane Right or Through

Regulatory Turn Control Signs

Trubicars no left turn
No Left Turn
Trubicars no left turn
No Right Turn
Trubicars Go straight or right turn only
Go Straight Or Right Turn Only
Trubicars Go straight or left turn only
Go Straight Or Left Turn Only
Trubicars Turn Right or left
Turn Right Or Left
Trubicars Go straight
Go Straight
Trubicars turn left only
Turn Left Only
Trubicars turn right only
Turn Right Only
trubicars no right turn center lane
No right turn on red. Wait for green light before making a right turn
Trubicars Centre Turning lane
Centre turning lane
Trubicars Turning vehicle yield
Turning vehicle yields to bikes