Late in Slowing / Stopping / Slows too soon

Intersections are potentially one of the most hazardous areas of the road, with the possibility of conflict with other vehicles. Because of this, drivers must remember to approach intersections at speeds that suit the conditions and that allow time to see and respond to any issues. Any obstruction in the line of sight can be dangerous, and drivers should take extra precautions in these cases. As no two situations are exactly the same, no specific speed can fit each intersection.

Far too often, drivers approach intersections at high speeds that cause confusion for others, who must then take defensive action to avoid an accident. To avoid this problem, when it is necessary to reduce speeds, the pace of the vehicle should be lowest just before the first crosswalk. Drivers should be able to stop if necessary for pedestrians who want to cross or for cross traffic to flow unimpeded. This does not mean that drivers should necessarily reduce their speed or stop prematurely so that they impede the normal flow of traffic. Their speed and driving should be appropriate for the conditions.     

Normally, drivers should release the accelerator as they approach the intersection but keep one foot on or poised over the brake pedal to prepare for a stop in case it becomes necessary.

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