Fails to Observe – Uses Mirror Only / Backing / Leaving

In this section of the test, drivers are required to show only a reasonable amount of skill in maneuvering the vehicle into a limited space. For parallel parking, the examiner should select a space longer than the normal length at a parking metre. The important point is that the applicant knows what to do, rather than the precise measurements at the end. To complete this section properly, applicants must look repeatedly in several directions to meet the requirements of this parking maneuver.

The examiner should select a parking spot on the street and direct the applicant to park, after which the applicant should check for traffic and follow the correct procedures to park safely. One aspect of the task is to ensure that the space is free and that the applicant can legally park there, besides being large enough for the maneuver. The examiner should ensure that the applicant stops the vehicle parallel to the vehicle ahead of the space, about half a metre from it.

Before beginning to park, the applicant should check for traffic in both directions. The decision of whether to proceed or wait often depends on factors such as the amount of available street space and the current traffic conditions. The applicant should choose reverse gear and continuously monitor the position of the test car while also checking for other vehicles that might impede the maneuver.

The applicant should steer to the left when the test vehicle reaches an angle of 45 degrees to the curb. The driver should check the positions of the left rear fender of the stationary vehicle and the right side and front of the test vehicle. The two vehicles must be far enough away from each other that they will not touch. When the applicant is sure that the vehicles have enough clearance to avoid each other, the next step is to pay attention to the vehicle’s rear distance from the curb. Next, the driver should look forward and centre the vehicle in the parking space. The best way of doing this is to check directly rather than by using mirrors unless they are absolutely necessary.

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