Arrows While arrows in lanes tell you when and where to turn. If you are in a lane with an arrow, you must continue in the direction of the arrow. You may turn or go straight if there is a curved and a straight arrow in your lane. Other drivers are not expecting you to… Continue reading Arrows

Rumble strips

Rumble strips Rumble strips are short sections of grooved roadway. When you drive over these strips, they cause your car to vibrate and make a loud noise. Rumble strips warn you that you are driving too close to the edge of the road or oncoming traffic.

Speed Bump

Speed Bump Areas such as parking lots, residential and very narrows streets sometimes have raised portions called speed bumps. You should drive no faster than the recommended speed limit over the speed bumps.

Stop Line

Stop Line A stop line is a single white line painted across the road at an intersection. You must stop your vehicle before the stop line. Do not confuse the stop line with the sidewalk lines. Stop line is normally thicker than the sidewalk lines. If there is no stop line marked on the road… Continue reading Stop Line

Road Marking Colors

Road Marking Colours It is important to understand pavement markings because they tell you the direction of traffic like one-way traffic or two-way traffic. Pavement markings also tell you where you may and may not travel on the road. Pavement markings also give you important information about turning lanes and pedestrian crossings. Yellow lines indicate… Continue reading Road Marking Colors

Reserved Lane (Bicycle Lane)

Reserved lanes – bicycle lanes Bicycle lanes are road markings near the edge of the roadway with bicycle-shaped stencils as well as street signage. Vehicles are not allowed to drive in the bicycle lanes, except to turn, or enter or exit a parking spot. The bicycle lane line is often broken near corners to indicate… Continue reading Reserved Lane (Bicycle Lane)

Painted Island

Painted Island Fixed objects such as bridge piers and concrete islands are preceded by two solid white lines on the pavement. In addition, yellow and black markings painted on the objects themselves indicate warnings of the obstruction.

Handicapped Parking Markings

Handicapped parking markings Handicapped parking markings are reserved for vehicles with drivers or passengers who are disabled. Handicapped spaces are usually larger than regular spaces to allow room for loading a wheelchair into a vehicle.


Crosswalk A Crosswalk is marked by two parallel white lines painted across the road. Do not confuse a crosswalk with a stop line. Stop lines are usually thicker than crosswalk lines. It is important to note that crosswalks at intersections are not always marked. If there is no crosswalk then you should stop at the… Continue reading Crosswalk


Crossovers Crossovers make it easy, safe, and convenient for people to cross streets. Are crossovers and crosswalks the same thing? A crosswalk is found at intersections that are often controlled by stop signs or light sets. A crossover can be located at non-intersection locations. At a crossover motorists are legally required to stop to allow… Continue reading Crossovers