Turn Signals

Turn Signals When drivers get into a vehicle, they know that they will eventually have to use their turn signals. These blinking electric lights are useful for communicating with other road users, letting them know the driver’s intentions. Learning to use turn signals properly is a basic skill that all drivers should know for better… Continue reading Turn Signals

Tail Lights

Tail Lights Being able to see other vehicles is important for all road users, but darkness or bad weather can obscure people’s vision. Vehicle manufacturers include a variety of safety features to help with visibility, including tail lights. These lights are useful for helping drivers to know where others are on the road and to… Continue reading Tail Lights

Emergency Flasher Lights

Emergency Flasher Lights (Hazard Light) Every vehicle comes with controls that drivers use each time they get behind the wheel, including the gearshift, turn signals, and more. However, many drivers can go for years without ever using the emergency flasher lights, also known as hazard lights. These lights are intended for only limited situations, and… Continue reading Emergency Flasher Lights

Parking Lights

Parking Lights The names of most vehicle parts are closely related to their purpose, including windshield wipers and speedometers. Parking lights are somewhat different, since they are rarely used for what the name implies. However, these lights are still a valuable part of every vehicle and can be an important safety feature that all drivers… Continue reading Parking Lights


Horn Many vehicle parts can be difficult or easy to use, and they can be helpful for daily driving or useful only on occasion. One of them can be both useful and extremely annoying. Even though it can potentially help save lives, the horn is a feature that drivers should be careful to use only… Continue reading Horn