Yellow Traffic Lights

Traffic Signals A green light at an intersection means you may turn left, right or drive straight though the intersection, unless a sign prohibits any of these movements, once the intersection is clear and it is safe to do so. If you want to turn left you can enter the intersection on a green light,… Continue reading Yellow Traffic Lights

Tail Lights

Tail Lights Being able to see other vehicles is important for all road users, but darkness or bad weather can obscure people’s vision. Vehicle manufacturers include a variety of safety features to help with visibility, including tail lights. These lights are useful for helping drivers to know where others are on the road and to… Continue reading Tail Lights

Transit Priority Signal

Transit Priority Signal Traffic and pedestrians must yield to public transit vehicles at a transit priority signal. The round signal is on top of a regular traffic signal and shows a white vertical bar on a dark background. This allows transit vehicles to go through, turn right or left, while all conflicting traffic faces a… Continue reading Transit Priority Signal

Blank Traffic Light

Blank Traffic Light Some traffic lights may not work during an electrical power loss. You must yield the right-of-way to vehicles already in the intersection and to vehicles entering the intersection from your right. Treat the intersection as a four way intersection and proceed with caution.

Yellow Traffic Light

Yellow Traffic Light A yellow or amber light means the light is about to change to red. You must stop if you can do so safely; otherwise, proceed with caution.

Traffic Beacons

Traffic Beacons Traffic beacon is a signal flashing red or yellow light hung over an intersection or placed over signs or on obstacles in the road. There are two types of flashing beacon lights: Flashing red beacon Normally found above an intersection or a stop sign. You can treat a flashing red beacon as a… Continue reading Traffic Beacons

Traffic Control Officers’ Signal

Traffic Control Officers’ Signal 1 Sometimes an officer uses hand signal to direct traffic. A hand held up with the palm toward you means stop. A hand waving you forward means go.

Stale Green Traffic Light

Stale Green Traffic Light A “stale” green light means the light has been green for a while. Check traffic to the left, front, and right before entering the intersection. Be prepared for the light to turn yellow.

Scramble Intersections

Scramble Intersection Walk signals to pedestrians in all directions at the same time at a signalized intersection while drivers are stopped in all directions. The primary advantage is that pedestrians can cross the intersection without any conflicting motor vehicle movements

Right Turn On Red

Right Turn On Red At most intersections, drivers are allowed to make a right hand turn on a red light. This means turning right after coming to a complete stop when the signal is red. You must obey traffic signs and understand the basic rules to ensure your own safety and the safety of others.… Continue reading Right Turn On Red