Fuel Gauge

Fuel Gauge No one wants to be stuck at the side of a deserted highway or to be late for an important meeting because of car trouble, especially for something as simple as running out of fuel. Every vehicle comes with a fuel gauge that can help drivers avoid situations like these. Although fuel gauges… Continue reading Fuel Gauge


Speedometer and Odometer The speedometer is a gauge that measure and displays the speed of a vehicle. The bigger numbers on the outside are in kilometers per hour and smaller numbers are in miles per hour. Every vehicle on the road comes with a speedometer. The speedometer and odometer are important components, and it is… Continue reading Speedometer

Other Dashboard Lights

Other Dashboard Warning Lights ALTERNATOR GAUGE The alternator on the vehicle keeps the car running. It uses the rotational power of the vehicle engine to generate electricity. It maintains a certain amount of voltage in order to keep the battery at sufficient charge while driving. When you start the engine, the car will automatically check… Continue reading Other Dashboard Lights