Sun Visors

Sun Visors The task of driving is all about the ability to see clearly. Anything that has a negative impact on vision can potentially be dangerous, whether that is an impairment such as shortsightedness or something as simple as the sun shining in the driver’s eyes. Glasses or laser surgery are options for some types… Continue reading Sun Visors


Lights (Day and Night) When vehicles are driving by at high speeds on the road, surprises are not a good thing. Seeing what is ahead and being seen by other drivers can help road users to travel safely. For that, vehicles need lights that work for both day and night. Knowing how these lights work… Continue reading Lights


How to Use and Adjust Your Mirrors (Side and Rearview) Imagine driving a vehicle and being able to see only what is in view if you turn your head to look. Until rearview and side mirrors became standard, that was the situation for many drivers. That might work on a street with almost no traffic,… Continue reading Mirrors


Defroster/Defogger People in much of Canada know that driving away in a vehicle can take several minutes longer in winter than in summer. Besides the task of brushing snow and scraping ice off of the windows, drivers often need to use the vehicle’s defrosters, also known as defoggers. These devices help to keep the windows… Continue reading Defroster