Car’s Dashboard Symbols

When your vehicle’s dashboard shows you a symbol, they should not be ignored. When something goes wrong with your car or if a feature you should know about gets activated, a signal funnels through the electrical system and into the dashboard. Here are the meanings behind some of the symbols you should pay attention to.… Continue reading Car’s Dashboard Symbols

Brake Pedal

Brake Pedal Many parts of a vehicle are important for comfort and safety, but two are essential for helping the vehicle to function properly: the accelerator and the brake pedals. When cars, vans, or trucks move along the road, drivers need some way of stopping them, whether something is in the way or they have… Continue reading Brake Pedal

Accelerator Pedal

Accelerator Pedal Every part of a vehicle has a function, but one of the most obvious ones is the accelerator. Without the accelerator, vehicles would just stay in place instead of moving forward. Knowing how accelerators work and what can affect them is important for keeping this very important piece working properly. All vehicles come… Continue reading Accelerator Pedal

Manual Versus Automatic Transmission

Manual Versus Automatic Transmission Buying a vehicle involves many important decisions, including size, model, manufacturer, and colour. For some people, however, the biggest decision is between manual or automatic transmissions. Although finding a manual transmission vehicle is harder than it used to be, buyers should still consider their options carefully and decide what is best… Continue reading Manual Versus Automatic Transmission

Parking Brakes

Parking Brakes Movement is an essential part of driving, whether the vehicle is going forwards or backwards. Still, stopping and parking can be just as important. Every vehicle is equipped with some type of parking brake, often called the emergency brake. When an automatic transmission vehicle is in Park and the motor turned off, it… Continue reading Parking Brakes

Foot Pedals

Foot pedals (clutch, brake, accelerator) – how to use foot pedals properly Using a car, truck, or van can be very freeing, but only if the vehicle moves forward and stops when the driver wants. The foot pedals help drivers with this part of the process, making the clutch, brake, and accelerator essential elements of… Continue reading Foot Pedals

Steering Wheels

Steering Wheel (Proper Hand Position, Turning Methods) Vehicles can be useful and fun to drive, but only if they are managed well. Drivers direct vehicles in the direction they want to go with the steering wheel. Using the steering wheel properly is important for keeping any size of vehicle under control. From using the best… Continue reading Steering Wheels

Ignition Switch

Ignition Switch When something is very small, it tends to go unnoticed, at least until a problem occurs. Yet in machines like cars and trucks, sometimes the smallest parts can be essential. Most drivers likely never think about the ignition switch until something goes wrong, but this device helps every motorized vehicle to move by… Continue reading Ignition Switch

Cruise Control

Cruise Control Driving can be tiring, especially on long trips. When people have to watch for other vehicles and pedestrians, keep the vehicle within its lane, and pay attention to everything else that could affect them, they can easily forget to check the speed at which the vehicle is going. On long trips, holding down… Continue reading Cruise Control